Double Ground Hardwood Bark

This is our most popular mulch. Made of shredded bark from hardwood trees such as maples and oaks, this sturdy mulch compacts over time so it resists blowing away. Because of its staying power, hardwood mulch is ideal for sloped beds and gardens.

Performance Plus Pine Mulch

Our Premium pine bark mulch is particularly suitable for acid-loving plants such as roses, azaleas, and rhododendrons. Pine mulch also holds its color for a long time and eventually breaks down into a rich organic medium.

Pine Bark Mini Nuggets

These reddish-brown chunks of pine bark give your garden a neat, natural look. They break down more slowly than shredded materials, so they don't need to be replenished as often. Nuggets work best in flat beds, where they won't float away during rain.

Single Ground Hardwood Bark

We offer only the best single ground hardwood. Comprised mainly of oak bark, this mulch contains fines and coarse particles. Very stable, durable, and plants will love it. A little tough to work with but you are rewarded with a long lasting mulch.

Triple Ground Hardwood Bark

For discerning landscape enthusiasts this product is for you. Its fine texture and dark color ensure that you have the perfect landscape beds. Many consider it the optimum mulch for weed suppression, erosion control and topsoil improvements.