Southern Mulch is pleased to offer our customers delivery service for all our bulk materials.

We will make ever effort to get you the correct material, delivered at the right time, and unloaded where you need it.  However, there are certain limitations.

  • We always strive to be as timely as possible.  There are times when we can become delayed.  Traffic, weather, and a host of other obstacles can cause us to not meet the requested delivery time.  Because of this we cannot be responsible for late or rescheduled deliveries that cause increased labor or materials costs.  We will always try to keep our customers informed of delays and problems.
  • We require that someone be available at the unload site.  If you would like we can call in advance of our arrival; just let us know at the time you schedule your delivery.  We will need someone available to sign a release form for our truck to come onto the property and direct where to unload the material.
  • If Southern Mulch arrives at a scheduled delivery and no one is available to accept the delivery within 15 minutes we will return the products to our location and wait for your call to reschedule.  Upon rescheduling a second delivery fee will be applied.  If you are unable to be available for a scheduled delivery please call ahead and we will reschedule at no charge.
  • We will try our best to get the material where you need it.  But please remember the following:
    • Vehicle Weight & Size - Our truck can be very heavy; sometimes as much as 80,000lbs.  For comparison, you average loaded pickup truck probably weighs less than 7,000 lbs.  This extreme weight can crack thin driveways, sidewalks, and curbing.  Water & gas lines, sprinkler systems and septic tanks can become damaged also.  
    • Ground Firmness - Soft ground is another place you do not want these vehicles going.  They can cause ruts and tear up grass, shrubs, or possibly get stuck.
    • Dump Action - Lastly, a dump trucks center of gravity will move when unloading so inclines can even cause a truck to turn over.
  • We strive to delivery to you the correct type and quantity or material for you particular job.  We have an online calculator to help you or you can call one of our retail sites for additional assistance.  However, we can only offer help with the information you provide us.  If you measure incorrectly and that results in you not having enough or having extra material we cannot be held liable.  If we have to schedule an additional delivery to complete your project you will be charge an extra delivery fee.
  • Mother Nature usually has her own plan and it can be different that ours.  When is raining, snowing or freezing we may not be able to complete your delivery.  We will do everything we can to be accommodating but remember that if your delivery had to be rescheduled that usually means that someone else’s had to be rescheduled as well.