Ordering Playground Mulch

Step 1 - Why should I order Playground Mulch?

Any surface that has play equipment on it should have a foundation of playground mulch, even home playgrounds.  Playground mulch can do much to prevent serious injuries to children if they should fall off of play equipment.  Playground mulch is different than gardening mulch.  Our playground mulch is a durable, springy and soft wood chip.  Many people have wrongly assumed that playground mulch is just something you would find at a school or public playground.  That is not so.  Many safety conscious parents are purchasing playground mulch for their home play area.

No one wants to think about their child becoming injured from playing. Children leave it up to the adults in their lives to keep their environments safe and friendly for them. If you have a child, you should think about having playground mulch installed at your home if you own any play equipment. A small investment in playground mulch is well worth the investment if it prevents your child from hurting themselves.

Step 2 - When can I have playground mulch delivered?

We can deliver playground mulch Monday - Saturday during business hours.  Obviously Saturdays are more popular, so if that is the day you want, be sure to call earlier.  "Plan ahead" is the best advice.

Step 3 - How much playground mulch do I need?

Playground Mulch is sold by the cubic yard. A cubic yard would fill a box measuring 3 feet wide, 3 feet long, and 3 feet tall. To achieve the desired effects, Playground Mulch should be spread at least 9" deep.  1 cubic yard will  cover an area 36 square feet at a 9" depth; 27 square feet if you apply the recommended 12". 

Before calling us with your order, measure the area that you wish to cover - length and width are enough - and we can calculate the volume that you need. Or you can use our Product Calculator.

Step 4 - Where can the playground mulch be delivered?

Before you call with your order for playground mulch, give some consideration to where you would like us to dump it on your property. Our trucks can hold a maximum of 25 cubic yards. We discourage dumping your playground mulch in any location that requires the wheels of the truck to leave a hard surface - paving, concrete, asphalt or packed gravel or dirt. Usually we deliver to some location on the homeowner's drive. Marking the location by spreading a tarp on the drive before the time of delivery is especially helpful. Be sure to pay attention to overhead wires or tree limbs. The truck bed has to tilt to dump the playground mulch so it requires sufficient overhead clearance. Our truck requires at least 18 feet of overhead clearance.

Step 5 - How do I place my order?

Call Southern Mulch. Have your measurements ready, the playground mulch you would like, the delivery location, and the form of payment. We can accept a credit card - Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express - or you can pay with a check or cash at the time of the delivery. There is a delivery charge and a minimum volume based on location. The delivery charge is in addition to the price of the playground mulch. If you have any additional questions about delivery or about our products, we would be happy to answer them at the time of your call. Of course you can also place your order by coming into our stores.