Palletized Rock

Our extensive inventory of natural rock comes in many different type, sizes, and colors.  Whether you are building a water garden paradise, patio, walkway, fireplace or stacked wall we can find the right rock for your job.  Below are the different categories of palletized rock we carry.


These rocks make a great addition to accent any landscape.  The range in sizes and shape of these boulders are endless, each one is unique.  Be sure you have a machine to move them; they can weigh from a couple hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds each.  Boulders can  be used in natural ponds or waterfall, benches, or centerpieces.    In placing boulders, the goal is to make them look as natural as possible.


These rocks are generally used for creating retaining walls.  Thin Drystack is 1" to 2" thick.  Thick Drystack is 2" to 3" thick.  Both have a face of around 60 square inches.



Flagstone is a durable sedimentary stone that forms a thin layers from 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" that are perfect for creating patios, walkways, pool decks, stepping stones, steps, wall caps, fireplaces, and columns.  Average face is 400 square inches.  The large size makes them well suited to all type of paving applications.  Its flat shape makes flagstone ideal for walking paths. It is also a must for any water feature needing a cascading waterfall effect.  Colors range from gray, brown, green, and blue.

River Rock

River rock has been reshaped and curved over time.  Once sharp and jagged, these rocks adorned stream and river for centuries until they transformed into the smooth, round pieces we have today.  Dry creek beds and water features are widespread uses of this material.  their use can include veneering walls or fireplaces, boarders, edging and accents.  Sizes range from 3" to approximately 14".  Colors vary from gray to brown.


Over time, these rocks have been battered by the elements to give it a unique, natural appearance.  Browns, tan, and gray are present on the outside but chipped away the outer shell to reveal vibrant reds, pink, and purple on the inside.  Uses include stacked walls, boarders, fireplaces, edging, columns and even water features.  If there is something you can build with rock, chances are you can use these.


For years, these rocks have been battered by the elements giving them a unique, natural appearance. Steppers are rustic and worn stepping stones, irregular in shape. Generally 5" to 10" thick. Steppers add an interesting touch to any pathway.


Veneer or thin cut stone is ideal for building stacked rock walls, edging for landscape beds, and especially for veneer walls.  Thickness of this stone ranges from 3/4" to 1 1/2".  Colors range from light and dark brown, gray, blue, black, green, and burgundy.