Why Mulch?

Mulch makes your flowerbeds & landscape beds look great - but it does so much more. It also retains moisture, slows down weed growth, provides nutrients, controls erosion, reduces soil compaction, and insulates the soil, protecting plants from extreme temperature variations.

Organic mulches also improve the condition of the soil. As these mulches slowly decompose, they provide organic matter which helps keep the soil loose. This improves root growth, increases the infiltration of water, and also improves the water-holding capacity of the soil. Organic matter is a source of plant nutrients and provides an ideal environment for earthworms and other beneficial soil organisms.

Advantages of Fall Mulching

In spring and summer, mulching helps control weeds. In fall mulching has a different purpose. During the months ahead, temperatures can change radically. The ground heaves as it freezes and thaws, forcing the root systems of many plants up from the soil and exposing them. Mulching helps prevent the rapid fluctuations in soil temperature and reduces the chances of heaving. Mulch helps maintain a more even temperature and also raises the freeze line, which encourages earthworms to work closer to the surface of the soil. Apply fall mulch when the ground is near frozen. Bark and composted bark mulch are an ideal choice for fall mulch. These make a neat finish to the garden bed and will eventually improve the condition of the soil. These may last for one to two years or more depending on the size of the bark or how well composed the bark mulch is. Smaller chips tend to be easier to spread, especially around small plants.

Starting the Mulching Process

  • Measure your landscape to figure out the total square feet to be mulched.
  • Decide what color and texture of mulch will give your landscape the best visual appeal.
  • Ask yourself if there extra are functions needed from the mulch, such as erosion control or soil conditioning.
  • Decide on a budget. The experts at Southern Mulch can help you find the products to fit. 

Tips For Making The Most of Your Mulch

For a more attractive landscape design, follow these steps before applying mulch:

  • Clear the entire mulch areas of weeds, leaves and grass. If you are enlarging your landscape onto an established lawn, be sure to strip the grass completely.
  • Edge the border of your landscape and lawn, using a flat shovel or a power edger.
  • Trim all nearby trees and shrubs.
  • If mulching over existing mulch, be sure to loosen up the old mulch to ensure better moisture penetration. 
  • Avoid these Top Mulching Mistakes.
  • For detail advice see: How to Mulch like the Pro's.


Markets Served...

Spartanburg, South Carolina
Including Boiling Springs, Inman, Chesnee, Gramling, Cowpens, Roebuck, Campobello, Gaffney, Lyman, Duncan, Wellford, Pauline, Moore, Landrum, Tryon NC, & Columbus NC.

Greenville, South Carolina
Including Greer, Simpsonville, Mauldin, Taylors, Piedmont, Fountain Inn, Easley, Pelzer, Wade Hampton, & Travelers Rest


Who we are...

Southern Mulch prides itself on providing the absolutely best customer service in the landscape supply industry.  Don't just take our word for it; check out what our customers are saying.

We offer a wide variety of mulch, bark, pine straw, playground chips, compost blends, topsoils, soil blends, planting mixes, stone, decorative rock, sand, aggregates, and palletized rock.  We are also the only Upstate South Carolina distributor of bulk Stalite® PermaTILL™, an expanded slate product that improves drainage and aeration in compacted clay soils.

Founded in 2003, Southern Mulch is one of the Upstate's premier distributors of quality bark, mulch, compost, soils, and stone for the residential, commercial, & municipal markets.  Site operations are located in Boiling Springs and Greenville South Carolina offering pickup & delivery of our products.

Payments Accepted

Southern Mulch accepts cash, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and personal checks with proper ID.  Payment is due upon receipt of products. 


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