FAQ - My budget does not allow me to use bark mulch. What alternatives do I have?

Budgets matter.

That is why we offer a less expensive mulch that is a grade below bark mulch.  It is called Double Ground Mulch, which is primarily a wood mulch recommend for use around natural areas away from houses. 

A second option is to use black plastic.  It is a widely used cover in the nursery business.  It is not the most attractive alternative, but will aid in controlling weeds, reducing watering needs, and moderating soil temperature.

A third option is to use leaves or grass clippings. If you bag your grass clippings or rake leaves in the fall, save them for placement in your beds.  With leaves, you will want to shred them first and allow them to break down slightly -- failing to do this will decrease the amount of water that can reach the soil.  With grass clippings, you will want to let them age also -- fresh grass clippings can rob other plants of nitrogen as it decomposes.  Allow them to lose their green color before using them as mulch.