DIY - Do it yourself or hire a contractor?

Projects come in all sizes and skill levels.

Only you can answer the question of can I do this or not. It is generally understood that anybody can do anything if they truly want to. The real question should be “Is it prudent for me to do this project myself or hire it out?

Answering these five questions may help enlighten you:

  1. Am I physically able to properly complete this project?
  2. Do I have the know-how to achieve intended results?
  3. Do I have the proper attitude?
  4. Do I have the time to take from my current responsibilities?
  5. Do I have the proper tools?

If you can answer the five questions positively, there is one more aspect to consider: the monetary cost. Some projects require expensive and or specific tools. Most tools can be rented for modest fees. These fees can exceed the cost of tool in a surprisingly short time if you are not working efficiently. Always consider the total cost of the project when deciding whether to do it yourself or not.